Saturday, August 18, 2012

The best sites to buy fixie parts

cogs, belts, wheels and parts

Where can I source the best fixie cogs and parts?
We have complied a list of the best online and retail stores to buy fixed gear accessories.

1. Bike Exchange
Bike exchange is one of the best resources available to buy new and second hand bikes and parts of all types.

2. Ebay
Ebay is an obvious source being by far the largest online auction in the world.

3. Gumtree
I never seem to fail to find an awesome deal on gumtree, whether I'm looking for bicycle parts, room to rent, or a monkeys hat for my pet fish!

4. Specialized
A specialised bike store.

5. Tracksupermarket
The name speaks for itself. It's like going into a Woolworths, Coles or IGA for bikes and parts.

6. Velogear
This site doesn't specialise in fixies, but let that fool you. They have an awesome stock of fixie parts that make you spend all your cash!

7. Freelancebikes
Some cool fixies available for sale here.

A German store that has an amazing selection of bike parts. (Editors Choice)

9. Radpropaganda
A brilliant Japanese company selling fantastic fixie parts. (Editors Choice)

10. Benscycle
These guys have a good selection of parts. 

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