Friday, February 8, 2013

The Fixie Culture is Dead!

Dying Hipster Culture

Back in the day, no one wanted a fixie for Christmas. You built your own bike from parts sourced over time. You loved the process. You loved the lifestyle. At least this used to be the way! Now days, every sheila,  and their dog has fixie or a single speed. And you can bet it wasn't bulit with painstaking love, sweat and part sourcing. It came all packaged up, shiny and new from a bike shop that had it made in China or India.

It's true kids, the indie hipster fixie age is over. It has sadly become mainstream like it's relic cultures of the past. 'Nothing cool stays cool forever'. So what's left for us aging hipsters. Will we end up like the aged hippies of the past, washed out by drugs and a fallen disillusioned culture or will we transform ourselves into some new fantastic fad.

If history is any judge, fads are a young man's (woman's) game. The aging don't change. We don't fight wars and we don't start revolutions. We certainly don't create culture. We are destined to a life of forgotten memories and aging sameness. Our style looked cool when we were young, but ankle bearing skinny jeans, stretched tattoos, bad moustaches, large coloured glasses, and mesmerising rims, looks like some kind of horror show when we hit 40 and doesn't get any better from there. Have you ever seen a 65 year old Hipster? It's not pretty. 

Maybe it's time I put on a sweater vest and get myself some comfortable black old man loafers.

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  1. Funny, I'm over 50, wear sweater vests and just getting into fixie's. Was building my first from my college Motobecane frame when I torqued the front fork and ruined it. I was sitting there wondering where to go next, when my college hipster daughter called up talking about a lighter bike. Knowing a fixie was not for her, I found a 70 Japanese 10 speed and now we are 90% done with her coastie! I'll post a pic when we get it done.