Thursday, November 6, 2014

Surfboard Bike Racks

Surfboard bike rack example

There is nothing better than being able to ride to your favourite beach break with your surfboard on the side. What could be better than mixing the freedom of riding a bike with the magical spiritual wonderment of surfing.

If your lucky enough to live within biking distance of your favourite surf break, here is a quick and easy way to install a surfboard bike rack to your trusty 3 wheel friend.

You could make your own but for about $100.00 you can pick one up from your local or online surf shop. Most racks connect with a few easy bolts to the stem of your bike seat. It's as easy as that.
surfboard bike rack installation

If your dead set on making your own rack, you can upcyle all kinds of things that will work as bike racks. A guitar stand, for example can easily be redesigned into a bike rack for a surfboard. As a bonus, they often have the nice foamy stuff that will protect your board, just as it does your guitar.
guitar stand surf rack

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