Friday, September 14, 2012

How Do You Ride a Bike

How to ride a bike

The first step to riding a bike is finding the right bike for you. Decide what you are going to be using the bike for: city riding, off road, racing etc.. This will determine what type of bike you get. Once you have determined the type, it's now time to move onto size. The size is very important and can only really be determined by trying the bike out physically. Your height will give you some indication, but sitting on the bike and how seeing much you legs extend to reach the pedals is very important. Of course then, it comes down to comfort and what feels right for the individual.

Once you have the perfect bike, its time to learn how to ride it! Training wheels are good for your children, but you... Oh no, you need to get stuck in. Get your safety gear on, helmet, lights, knee pads, elbow pads, Stemmie for the stem of your bike and then it's just like riding a bike!! Start off the road in flat open space away from cars, people, dogs, cats, pets and other obstacles that might hinder your efforts. Concrete is always a good surface to begin on as it has good traction.  You don't need a spotter cause that will give you a false sense of security which you will loose when they walk away, but it is a good idea to have someone with you watching in case you injure yourself.

Begin by leaving your dominant leg on the ground and mounted the bike carefully.  Make sure the saddle is adjusted so that you can easily place both feet on the ground to begin with. It is always better to be closer to the ground when starting out. Now remember the slower you go the harder it is to keep your balance. We are not saying speed down the road and hurt yourself, but don't make the mistake of going so slowly that gravity has it's way with you. Riding a bike is like anything, practise makes perfect and confidence is the key. You will find that you fall off a lot until you get it right, so wear plenty of padding. Once you get though, you've got it!

Now make sure to check your breaks before you get going and figure out which break is for which wheel. You want to use your back wheel break to begin with. Too many novice riders have slammed on the front break and gone flying over the handle bars. Pull on the break a few times in the stationary position just to make sure your brain remembers where it is and which one to use. Push on the peddle with your Dominant leg leaving your other foot on the ground until the last second. Once the wheel starts turning and you have a bit of momentum, you can quickly place your other foot on it's peddle and push down. It will come as second nature once you get going. To turn, just move your left hand which is attached to the left bar towards you to go left and the other to go right.

Wow look at you go, your riding a bike!

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