Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is Indie

What is Indie

Well what makes someone Indie? There are all kinds of ideas and mundane reasoning guiding peoples understanding of the word Indie. Indie stems from the indie music genre which comes from the word 'Independent'. Once we get to the root definition of  the word, it becomes pretty clear what indie is doesn't it? It refers to music that is independent, meaning it is not attached to a large commercial record label. An Indie person is someone who listens to independent music.

 Indie has become a huge cultural thing and so Indie (or independent) record labels have started up and a lot of them are now, well not so independent any more! The indie culture or indie person or 'indie kid' refers to anyone who not only listens to Indie Music but wears what has now been defined as Indie clothes and hangs outside music venues, pubs, cafes or Salvos where they picked up their Indie Getup. Indie has now become so main stream that is is definitely not indie any more and a bit of a paradox or oxymoron or ironic or whatever the hell it is. This happens to any movement that tries to be cool by being different and then becomes popular and commercial. A perfect example of this is the 'Hipster' movement.

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