Monday, October 8, 2012

Mountain Biking - Giant, Cannondale, Yeti

Mountain trail bike Yeti

What brand should I be shooting for when considering a mountain or trail bike? Before you look at brands think about what you will be using the bike for? Consider what kind of frame you want, suspension (front, rear or both), and of course size. Size can only really be figured out by trying a bike out in person. Once you have the size right, you should be able to comfortably by the bike online for a better price once you have chosen your brand and model. 

How rough will you be with your bike?


If your gonna be riding beyond the beginners level, you will need rear suspension, solid parts and will have to specialise depending on your activity (you will need a down hill bike for downhill etc).

When it comes to brands, I wouldn't be too concerned as long as you go with a well known brand. They all are better than each other in different areas with different models types and styles. Focus more on the individual bike than the brand. Make sure to read as many reviews and forums as you can and this should allow you to comfortably and confidently make the right choice. It;s all about doing your homework!

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